Keeping up with social media

With the proper planning & execution, social media can work for your Portland boutique.

Engaging your customers with a variety of great product photos, video, and editorials can create better web traffic and foot traffic.

But who has the time to create the appropriate content for each of the different social media channels?


Instagram is a powerful tool for boutiqes and designers. Finding your own niche of hashtagging can capture an entirely new group of potential shoppers to your retail location or your website.


Gone are the days of posting an item knowing that it will reach everyone who follows you. Facebook is fiercely competitive and demands more than ever that you create an engaging variety of content in order to reach your followers.


Pinterest is an ideal place to share content from your blog or website. Creating boards that not only showcase your own products, but also to share ideas and inspiration that will attract your ideal customer.

Photo Shoots

I'll bring the photo studio to you! Get your latest arrivals ready to go and we'll photograph them at your boutique before or after hours. 

Keeping up with new arrivals

Sometimes it feels like the UPS driver arrives faster than you can get the last shipment onto the sales floor, much less get them photographed and uploaded to your website and social media. I'll photograph your new arrivals regularly and give the time to move on to other tasks.

Planning & Goal Setting

You've got your sales goals in place, but what's your plan to achieve those numbers?


Photographs of your clothing and accessories is just the start. I'll take those photos and turn them into campaigns you can share on email, social media and on your website that will engage customers and get your Portland boutique noticed.

Social Media

Set your sights higher than just having mediocre return from your social media. With a consistent, engaging variety of content you can increase your following tenfold.


If your store has a Shopify website, I am knowledgable in helping with everything from landing pages to product creation and graphic design. Don't have an ecommerce website yet? Shopify is the perfect, affordable solution and I can guide you through the entire process.


The monthly boutique power report will show give you a monthly snapshot of how campaigns are performing. You'll save time knowing exactly how your social media, emails and website are performing.

Marketing Meet-Ups

We'll meet regularly to review our achievements and discuss ways to improve. By keeping a close eye on your marketing endeavors, you'll have peace of mind knowing exactly what steps you need to take each month to make improvements.

Content Creation

Photography, short videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, how-tos and more. Who has time to create an engaging mix of media for their customers when there are so many other things to do? I do.