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Have you considered Private Shopping Parties?

The idea of Private Shopping Parties isn’t new. Boutiques have been doing it for a long time, but these days when you’re competing with big box and amazon shoppers, it’s more important than ever to make the experience at your shop memorable. Boutiques that are having the most success are offering giveaways, catered food and drinks, and some sort of short presentation about what they do. For instance, Erica of Garnish Apparel gives partygoers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at her clothing design workflow.

I think the most important work begins before the party is even booked. Making sure that you have enough attendees (but not too many) is important. Each guest should feel like they are attended-to by someone who knows what they are talking about, and can attend to their size needs and encourage higher sales. Carla and Rachel of Mink Boutique fill dressing rooms with suggestions for party guests based on their size and personal style. Guests are welcome to grab items from racks themselves, but having a personal stylist’s full attention and suggestions is something that most women have not experienced… and they’ll love it!

These are the marketing pieces for Private Shopping Parties that I designed for Mink Boutique. I’ve blurred the text …. it’s important that you come up with your own special offer and pitch, so I left that part up to your own imagination. Consider what Carla and Rachel have done… 1> Hang full-sized color flyer in each dressing room and 2> Mail a full color postcard on luxurious paper to their top 50 customers with a special offer.

Here are a few more tips for having a successful Private Shopping Party at your boutique!

  1. Create luxurious high-end branding that will attract the right customer. Stay away from black and white flyers on copy paper. The marketing of your parties should give customers a feeling that it’s something very special.
  2. Tell everyone, but start with your best customers. Create a special mailer or email that invites them to book a party.
  3. Hang store signage and create window displays that advertise your Private Shopping Parties.
  4. Create a page on your website that encourages people to contact you, and provides an F.A.Q.
  5. SET GOALS. How much do you want to sell at each party? How many people can you afford to pay to work the party? What is your budget for each party? How many parties per month do you hope to book? Make sure to write these things down, and after each party revisit your goals and make plans to improve the next one and sell even more!





Need help developing a Private Shopping Party plan for your boutique? Contact me here. I can help!




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