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Adding some kick to your regular social media posts

GIFs are the latest thing…. in fact I rarely get through the day without texting a GIF to my husband that I know will make him laugh. Search your favorite category on this fun GIF webiste and see how much time you can waste. But first, take a look at these cute little GIFs I made to attract a little attention on the Switch Shoes Facebook feed. They’re easy enough to make in Photoshop. Here’s how to take a grouping of your favorite pics and turn them into something a little more eye-catching for your social media pages.

  1. Open your images in Photoshop
  2. After opening your photos, go to FILE > SCRIPTS > LOAD FILES INTO STACK
  3. Choose ADD OPEN FILES and click OK
  4. Click CMD-A to select all of your photos
  5. Open your WINDOW menu and choose TIMELINE
  6. On the timeline, click CREATE FRAME ANIMATION
  7. In the tiny dropdown menu on the top right corner of the timeline, choose MAKE FRAMES FROM LAYERS

From this point, it’s pretty easy peezy. Just work with the options in the timeline; drag and drop any photos to the order you want them in; and have fun!