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Behind the scenes at a Mink Boutique photo shoot

Every three weeks, the team at Mink close up shop but they don’t go home. It’s time to photograph all the new arrivals and get them posted online, and use the photos for our next three weeks of digital marketing. We’ll use these photos for everything from Mink’s Instagram feed to their Facebook page and email blasts.

We typically photograph around 20 different looks during a 2-hour shoot. It’s a whirlwind and it couldn’t go smoothly without the cooperation of the whole team including our model, El DiSanti.  She works with me to get quick, lively shots of each garment, including detail shots of the most unique items. There’s no time to waste, and outfit changes are lightening-quick. In order to photograph 20 looks in under 2 hours, we have about 5-6 minutes per outfit to dress, style, and photograph each look in detail.

At the end of the shoot, we’re spent, but we’ve accomplished a lot, and the team’s hard work shows in the final products. Here’s a quick look behind the curtain at a Mink Boutique photo shoot.