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Photo Shoot for Newest Arrivals at Mink Boutique

This fashion photo shoot for Mink Boutique was all about their newest arrivals in women’s clothing for early Spring. These photos will be used in all sorts of marketing campaigns such as emails and social media posts. But first and foremost, they are posted on Mink’s e-commerce Shopify website. In this post you’ll see a snapshot of some of my favorite images from the shoot, and if you click here and visit their website you can view multiple images per garment.

It’s important for online shoppers to be able to see all sides, details and movement of something they’re going to purchase online.  Mink stylists inspire their in-store and online customers by showcasing the different ways you can style the same garment.

Photography | Digital Marketing Amy is a a professional photographer and Shopify store builder helping small businesses to elevate their brand and sell their goods and services online. About Amy Vining

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