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The Shine 2015 Fashion Show for “I Have a Dream, Oregon”

Success!  The AVP Senior Models raised almost $2,000 for the kids at “I Have a Dream, Oregon” at this year’s Shine Fashion Show.  I’m so proud of them.  They increased pre-show sales over the previous year by 155%, and there was standing-room-only at the show on Feb 5th.  So many people donated their hard work, time and goods to the show.  Thank you, everyone!  Scroll down to read about the amazing people who came together to make the show a huge success.  Click here to see the entire portfolio of pics from the show, thanks to Paul Rich Studio.

0237It all started with an amazing location:

The stage was set against the beautiful backdrop of Urban Studio, who donated the space to us for the show.  The staff was amazing and so fun to work with.  I hope next year they will allow us to have the show there again.  I’m so grateful for the amazing effort they put into making it a success.  Thank you, Urban Studio.

You can rent the beautiful space at Urban Studio for your wedding or event.  Find them here.

0388Urban Studio also provided a fully-staffed bar and mixed cocktails and mocktails by their in-house catering company, Pearl Catering.  Their staff is a bunch of pros and they made time for our event, even with a packed calendar.  I watched Pearl Catering delivery trucks come and go all day from their deliveries around town, and still they made time to make our event special.  Thank you, Pearl Catering!

Pearl Catering does everything from wedding & event catering to boxed lunches.  Find them here.

The craziest part of the day, saved by Sirens.

The nuttiest part of the day, of course, is making sure that 25+ teenage girls get from their suburban high schools to downtown Portland where they must find a new address, find parking, and get their tooshes up to the hair and makeup chair ON TIME so that their friend Amy Vining doesn’t have a stroke.  This is all after being at school all day, and enduring one of the rainiest days of the season.  Not to mention that First Thursday was also that same day, making traffic and parking a challenge.

At their destination (a community room donated by Young Leaders Collective member Lisa Hattery) were a group of Sirens awaiting the challenge.  They CONQUERED it on the day of the show.  The girls of Siren Salon CLOSED THEIR SHOP for the entire day in order to DONATE their time and talent to make these girls look runway ready, and feel FIERCE.  Mission accomplished.  The smiles you see on these girls’ faces are real.  Thank you, Siren Salon.  Amazing amazing amazing.  I love you girls!!!

You can get your hair done by a Siren at Siren Salon or book them for your next event. 104 West Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver.  360-953-7308

0299Beautiful prom gowns provided by Gala Gowns:

Vickie from Gala Gowns just changed locations to a sweet little storefront in downtown Vancouver, and in the midst of the chaos of moving her entire business to a new location, she outfitted gowns and tuxes for Shine models beautifully.  Every time we showed up at her shop we created complete chaos, but Vickie was always so warm and welcoming.  I hope we get the privilege of working with her again next year’s show.  Thank you, Vickie!

If you’re in the market for a prom gown, Vickie has gowns in stock, more on the way, and catalogs full of special order gowns.  Find her at 204 W 5th St, Vancouver.  (360) 750-6700


Ohhhhh the fashion!

Tiffany Bean contributed designs of her own as well as high-end labels from her shop called Mabel & Zora which has a beautiful location in the Pearl District, not too far from the Shine 2015 venue.  I began my collaboration with Tiffany a few years ago through shooting her fashion lookbooks and catalog photos.  We were instant friends and I’ve had the honor of photographing both of her girls and becoming friends with the entire Mabel & Zora family.  Her stuff looked so great on our girls at Shine.  Thanks, Tiffany.  And thank you, Frances Bean, for making Shine your first fashion show.  I’m so honored.  xo

Tiffany is the owner of Mabel & Zora with her husband, Corey.  They have two daughters, Frances and Samantha.  Visit Mabel & Zora in the Pearl District of Portland at 748 NW 11th Ave, Portland or shop online.

0721Myriam Marcela just won FashioNXT’s award for “Emerging Designer” and one of the prizes she won for that competition was some consulting time with my friend, Tiffany Bean.  Tiffany referred Myriam to me for photos of her designs….you see where this is going.  This is just one of those things where it seems to all have happened for a reason, and that reason was for Myriam to make Shine a really special night for our young models.  She worked hard in the dressing room, making sure tags were tucked in, girls were feeling their best and sending them down the stairs to the runway feeling confident.  Her clothes are beautiful, yes, but Myriam herself is the real gift.  Thank you for making those girls shine, Myriam!

Read more about the exciting things happening for Myriam on her website.  She’s got a ton of buzz in Portland right now and can hardly keep up with the demand.  We’re so lucky to have her clothes in the show.

008Documenting the event:

Paul Rich has been a friend of ours for a long time and he’s the only person I would ever hire to shoot Shine.  Lucky for me, he does it for free.  For two years in a row he’s taken gorgeous photos (seen on this page!) of Shine and documented all the runway and backstage moments.  The  entire day is such a rush and it’s so busy that it goes by in a flash, and one of my favorite parts of the experience is seeing the pics from the show.  Click here to see the whole portfolio of the event.  Thank you, Paul!!

You can hire Paul Rich for your next event or wedding.  Click here to visit his blog and see his latest work.

041I met Zach Putnam when I shot head shots of him and his wife Jude for their involvement with “I Have a Dream, Oregon.”  We reached out to Zach early in the planning stages of Shine 2015 and asked if he could possibly take video of the event.  Zach and Jude were such pros at the show – I gave them very little direction and they were just EVERYWHERE.  Someone told me during the show that they thought Zach and Jude were the news crew because they looked so pro.  I can’t wait to see the video, I know it’ll be amazing.  Videography and editing takes a lot of expertise and time, and we value Zach’s contribution to Shine 2015.  Thank you, Zach!

029Making it all sound good…

Our DJ and Emcee for the night were from Truelove Sound, traveling all the way from Eugene to donate their time expertise to the show.  I met Jeffe and Layla when I was shooting weddings, and we worked together several times.  I was always impressed with their ability to put on a barn-burner of a wedding reception and not play the typical ‘wedding reception playlist.’  They are such pros at what they do, and are such a pleasure to work with.  I’m so glad they share in my passion for this event, and hope they’ll stick with us as we grow it through the years.

You can hire Jeffe and Layla from Truelove Sound for your next wedding or event, too.  You won’t regret it.

051Making it all look even BETTER:

About a month before the show, the lighting donation that I had set up bailed on me.  It wasn’t great.  I reached out to Dwayne at Greenlight Creative just HOPING he could make me a sweet deal for the show.  At that point, every business involved in the show was doing it for free, and I knew that a lighting package could really cut into our donation goal.  But instead of giving me a great deal, he just DONATED 16 beautiful colorful up-lights for the show.  It made such a difference in the room and we’re so happy with all the color in the photos.  Thank you, Greenlight Creative!

You can add some punch to your event or wedding, too.  Contact Dwayne at Greenlight Creative.

021Sweets for our guests, compliments of Grandma Hattie:

Last year, Switch Shoes and Clothing dressed some of our models and since then, I’ve been Switch’s go-to fashion photographer for their shop in Multnomah Village.  The second shoot I did with them, they used female business owners in Multnomah Village as their models.  During that shoot, I met Tricia, owner of Hattie’s Sweet Shop and we were immediately laughing and joking around.  Since then, we’ve partnered up to start a new adventure in 2015.  (More on that coming soon.  Teaser!)  And in the meantime, she made a badass candy display at the show.  Everyone went home with something sweet.  Thanks, Tricia.  😉

Hattie’s Sweet Shop has two locations and also does corporate gifts & events.  Call Tricia at 503-477-0497

063The Jefferson Dancers

For the second year in a row, The Jefferson Dancers have danced amazing performances at Shine.  This year, they showed up in black leather and amazed the crowd with hip hop and breakdance routines.  These dancers can do it all.  They work so hard, and it really shows.  Thank you, Jefferson Dancers!!!

Signup for the Jefferson Dancers mailing list and get email updates with photos and news about their performances.

053We’re on TV!

One of the most exciting things that happened at this year’s show was the media coverage.  KGW’s Cassidy Quinn was there and she broadcasted live from the show, twice!  We are so happy that KGW was there to help us get the word out about the amazing models, Dreamers, designers and small businesses that came together to make Shine happen for “I Have a Dream, Oregon.”  Click here to watch the live KGW coverage of Shine 2015.

As you can see, a lot of people and hard work goes into this show and it’s all for the kids at “I Have a Dream, Oregon.”  I’m so proud of what we all accomplish together, and I can’t wait til next year.  Thank you, everyone!!!

To read more about the Shine Fashion Show, click here.  To view photos from our “I Shine” Event, click here.


  • Lisa Hattery of the Young Leaders Collective for donating her community space for our models to have a place to get their hair and makeup done prior to the show.  Thank you, Lisa!
  • Sammi Colton, runway design & balloon expert
  • Elke Cook, AVP display
  • Aurelia and John from Urban Studio
  • Stacy Terry for running to Whole Foods to get food for our girls!
  • Kella Zacher – thank you for your help in runway coaching for our girls!
  • Sophie, Renee, and Kate from “I Have a Dream, Oregon,” you’re my dream girls.
  • AJ Lane – thanks for the red lips and lashes and pre-show giggles.  😉
  • Paul & Stephanie – for the after-show therapy!
  • Bryn & Jojo Dekar – Candy table & greeters & also excellent huggers
  • Crawford, my husband, my sherpa, my helper, my supporter, my cheerleader, always grinning at me from across the room.  I love you.

If you attended the show, we’d love to hear from you!  Leave comments below.